Anime Fighters Codes Roblox – Free Boosts [August 2023]

anime fighter codes

Anime Fighters Codes May 2023| Anime Fighter is a Roblox game where users can redeem tickets for free Yen and Boost. The developers of this game are constantly adding new content, features, and codes. You can unlock new worlds and get even more anime fighters from Naruto, One Piece, and more.

This article contains all accessible Roblox Anime Fighter Codes, which can be used to exchange Yen and Boost. These codes allow you to quickly reach your target leaving others behind while they try to earn in-game money.

About Anime Fighters Game

Anime Fighters is a fantastic game that Roblox players who love anime combat should not miss. When you play Anime Fighters, you will go to various anime-inspired worlds, such as Super Island, based on Dragon Ball Z, and Ninja Village, which was inspired by Naruto. You aim to build the strongest team in the world by using Yen to summon anime warriors. You will instantly recognize some of the fighters from your favorite anime, such as Master Roshi, Vegeta, and Super Saiyan 2 Gohan from Dragon Ball Z. 

Anime Fighters puts you in charge of your team and allows you to experience the most exciting and addictive part of anime, action-packed fights. Gather a team of the strongest fighters in the universe, train them well until they become one of the best teams in the universe, and discover new worlds.

Click to defeat your enemies, as your warriors will start striking out their special attacks to destroy your enemies in style! Aim to build the best team of anime warriors to explore, conquer new worlds and defeat all the enemies there! This is really the perfect game for Roblox fans and anime fans.

What Are Anime Fighters Codes?

Anime Fighters codes give you free rewards for using them. This is generally in the form of different boosts that can increase your luck, for higher chances of getting Legendary or Mythic anime warriors or the fabled Shiny variant.

They also might give you Yen, which you can use to summon new fighters and combine them to make them stronger, or use your Yen to unlock new worlds where you can get more of your favorite anime fighters.

How To Redeem Anime Fighters Codes?

Follow these steps to redeem the Anime Fighters codes:-

  • Obviously, the first step is to get into the game.
  • Find the Twitter bird symbol near the bottom left corner of your screen. 
  • Press the arrow button facing right to open the menu if the Twitter button is not present.
  • Copy and paste one of the codes from the List below into the ‘Enter Code Here’ box.
  • After entering the code, press the confirmation button.
  • If the code you entered is valid, the game will notify you and you can claim your prizes and upgrades instantly.

Note: Check the Website for More Codes for Many other Games.

List Of Anime Fighters Codes – Free Boosts, Tokens

anime fighter codes
  • BillionVisits—Exchange for 1 Super Luck Boost, 1 Super Drop Boost, 1 Illusionist Ticket, 50 Passive Tokens, 1 Dungeon Token, and 25 Requiem Tokens (New)
  • TheAbyss—Exchange for 1 Dungeon Token, 1 Super XP Boost, 10 Passive Tokens, 1 Super Damage Boost, 3 Luck Boost, 10 Requiem Tokens, and dungeon cooldown reset! (New)
  • Insane1Million—Exchange for x1 Super Luck Boost, x1 Super Drop Boost, x10 Passive Tokens, X1 Super DMG Boost, x1 Super Yen Boost, and x1 Defense Token
  • WorldAtWar—Exchange for some rewards
  • UpdateDelaySad—Exchanging some rewards (Will be deleted soon!)
  • DungeonRefund3—Exchange for some Upgrades
  • SummerEvent2—Exchange for some gifts
  • DungeonRefund2—Exchange for some Upgrades
  • MiniUpdatePog—Exchange for multiple Upgrades
  • SummerEvent—Exchange for some Upgrades
  • SoulAcademy—Exchange for some Upgrades
  • Thanks900k—Exchange for some gifts
  • Sub2Codenex—Exchanging this code will give you a 10-minute Luck Boost
  • Sub2Veyar—Exchanging this code will give you a 10-minute Luck Boost
  • BronzePiece_—Exchanging this code will give you a boost and a free gift
  • RealDaireb—Exchanging these codes will give you free boosts and rewards
  • ToadBoi—Exchanging this code will give you a 10-minute Luck Boost
  • sulley1m—Exchanging this code will give you Increased Luck and Increased Damage [Must Join Group]
  • otrademark—Exchanging this code will reward you with a Divine Fruit
  • 1MilFaves—Exchanging this code will give you a Yen Boost and XP

More Anime Fighters Codes

  • SorcererEmpire—Redeem for multiple upgrades
  • Fourth of July—Redeem for multiple upgrades
  • HalfBillion—Exchanging this code will give you free boosts and rewards
  • 800clicks—Exchanging this code will earn you a free gift
  • TimeTravelTokyo—Redeem codes for various rewards
  • OrcaPrison—Redeem codes for various rewards
  • Update25.3—Exchange codes for various rewards
  • WorldOfGames—Redeem codes for various prizes
  • FashionEmpire—Exchange for various prizes
  • AFSAnniversary—Redeem for multiple gifts
  • LandOfGuts—Redeem for some gifts
  • 2k22— Redeeming this code will give you various rewards
  • 700clicks— Redeeming this code will give you various rewards
  • PsychicCity—Exchanging this code will give you a Boost
  • TheHole— Redeeming this code will give you a free gift
  • NinjaCity— Redeeming this code will give you a free gift
  • NinjaCityRaid— Redeeming this code will give you 2 Tickets
  • Passive Bugs
  • Passive Bugs2
  • Christmas—Exchange for gifts
  • Underworld—Exchange for upgrades and free gifts
  • Ice Waste
  • cyclxnee – Exchange for Luck Boost
  • FlameCity – Exchange for free Boosts
  • ThanksGiving – Exchange for free Boost
  • KingdomFour – Exchange for gifts
  • DivineColosseum – Exchange for gifts
  • Thanks600k – Exchange for free Boost
  • SlimeyIsland – Exchange for free Boost
  • LuckIsland – Exchange for free Boost
  • AlchemyLand – Exchange for Luck and Yen Increase
  • DestinyIsland – Exchange for free Boost
  • Gold500k – Exchange for Upgrades
  • SpookyIsland – Exchange for free Boost
  • ShutdownCode – Exchange for Upgrade
  • CrimeIsland – Exchange to Increase Luck
  • SCity – Exchange Yen and Increase Your Luck
  • Pog400k – Exchange for Yen and DMG Increase
  • RealDaireb – Exchange Yen Boost
  • CurseHigh – Exchange for Increased DMG
  • BronzePiece_ – Exchange for EXP Boost
  • Craftbug – Exchange for 5 Raid Tickets
  • TicketCode – Exchange for Raid Tickets
  • EmptyWorld – Exchange for Upgrades

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Here ends the list of the Roblox Anime Fighters codes from the Pro Game Guide coming into play. The codes in the list above can be exchanged for a number of items, such as upgrades for Luck, and if your luck is exceptional, you can even get Shiny. As well as Tickets to carry out raids and other amazing prizes. Use this to summon the best units and combine them to create the ultimate Roblox Anime Warrior.


  1. How to get more Anime Fighters codes?

The best way to get the code is to check out the developer’s Twitter account to stay updated with the latest code as it comes out. You can also join their Discord to get Anime Fighters codes just by being a part of their community.

  1. How to get free permanent boosts in the Anime Fighters game?

To get free permanent boosts for your Anime Fighters game, you should follow @RealDaireb and @BronzePiece_ on Twitter. If not, then this won’t work. After they follow, head to the first starting island, Super Island, and to the right of the Ninja Village entrance, you will see a notice board with a yellow button saying ‘Verify.’ Press that button, and enter your Twitter username, including the @ symbol. Then click ‘Verify’ again to get a permanent boost.

  1. What does the pass do in Anime Fighters?

Passes are permanent boosts that you can buy from the Anime Fighter shop. These are purchased with Robux and will give you endless buffs for your character. This will increase things like your luck, backpack space, EXP, and other cool things like being able to teleport.

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