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Cookie Run Kingdom codes

Cookie Run Kingdom is one of the best interactive and immersive games available. This app consists of good graphics, as well as there, are certain levels and teams, and quests that make it more interesting. However, there are certain inbuilt app purchasing that help in enhancing the character development inside the game. Here we are offering New Cookie Run Kingdom Redeem Codes.

However, there are certain redeem codes that help in attaining those coins and rewards that help in attaining the new levels and features that have been updated. The following article will go through different aspects of Cookie Run Kingdom, its gameplay, and several rewards considering the redeem codes. To get the benefits of free diamonds and rewards read this complete article!

The Cookie Run Kingdom is a user interface, a gaming experience that is made in such a way that the Cookie Kingdom is created. In this game, the basic part of the gameplay is to construct a Kingdom by helping the cookie helpers by completing several tasks, exploring the lands, completing quests as well as Earning points by helping family and friends.

This game is made for the PC as well as Mac. There are different interesting levels inclusive of this gaming experience. There are several levels that are named escape from Witch’s Oven, Custard Cookie-III, The Clover cookie, Proclaimed heir to the throne, etc.

On clearing up each level, the user gets new rewards as well as the game becomes more interesting and immersive. Moreover, with the upgradation of each level, the user also gets certain points and rewards, which makes the game more interesting and competitive.

Cookie Run Kingdom is quite an immersive game for users. Therefore there are specific requirements that are considered as the minimum eligibility of a PC to run this game. As this game is made up of high graphics and therefore, to experience the best picture quality of the game, the user needs to have the proper requirements in their PC. The list of the minimum system requirements for running this game is as follows:

  1. The PC must be running with an operating system of Windows 7 or above.
  2. The processor that you are required for this gaming experience is either an Intel processor or an AMD processor.
  3. Moreover, coming to the RAM, the PC must have RAM of at least 4 GB.
  4. Considering the fact of the HD, there must be a free space of at least 5 GB in the disk.

Moreover, this game should be run on a PC where the user itself is the administrator. Because being an administrator, the user will have the authority t

Cookie Run Kingdom codes are those redeeming codes that help the user to attain several rewards within the game. Instead of doing the in-app purchase, these codes have been attaining the rewards for free. The basic use of this king cookie Run Kingdom code is to attain several crystals, army bombs, cubes, etc., that help in enhancing the Kingdom, community, and team, as well as improving and upgrading the graphics of your particular gaming experience.

  • POCKETGAMERAWARD: This particular code helps in attaining a reward of 1000 rainbow cubes and 3000 crystals.
  • CRKINGDOMWITHBTS: This code can help in attaining a reward of 3000 crystals, along with which the user also gets access to 1000 army bombs.
  • FOLLOWINGINLATAM: This code is used for attaining a reward to collect 2500 crystals.

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It is quite easy to redeem the cookie Run Kingdom goes. However, the user needs to follow certain simple steps to avail of them. The general steps to redeem their cookie Run Kingdom course are as follows:

  1. The user is required to click the 3-line menu at the top right corner of the application.
  2. From the drop-down menu, the user is needed to select the settings option.
  3. The user is required to copy the user information from the Info tab.
  4. However, it is required for the user to copy the linked email address and not the player ID.
  5.  Moreover, the user is required to copy that link email address in the textbox of the Devsisters Redeem page.
  6. Once you enter the code, there will be an option to claim rewards.
  7. The user is required to click on claim rewards to redeem all of the rewards from the codes.
  8. A new dialogue box will appear, which will show the instruction, “Done! Log into the game to claim your reward.”
  9. After this, the user is required to login into the game so that the rewards will be successfully claimed into the game. 
  10. After this, the user is required to login into the game so that the rewards will be successfully claimed into the game.


Cookie Run Kingdom is one of the quite addictive and interactive games available out there. The user can create their own Kingdom by clearing up the level, completing their quests as well as sharing the game with their friends and families.

Once their user upgrades to the next level, they get rewards for certain crystals, Army bombs, and rainbow cubes. However, the user can also use certain redeem codes to attain these rewards. Therefore the user needs to know how to get these free redeem codes along with how to redeem the codes in order to attain and collect all of the rewards.


  1. What is the Cookie Run Kingdom 

Cookie Run Kingdom is quite an immersive game where the user has to create their own Kingdom by collecting several rainbow cubes, crystals, army bombs, etc. Moreover, there are certain levels which include Witch’s Oven, Custard cookie- III, etc.

  1. What are the rewards of Cookie Run Kingdom codes?

The Cookie Run Kingdom course consists of several rewards on the basis of their redemption codes. The rewards include crystals, rainbow cubes, army bombs, upgradation of the level, etc. However, these codes are for one-time use. Therefore, the user can redeem them only once.

  1. How to redeem Cookie and Kingdom code

The Cookie Run Kingdom code can be redeemed by pasting the linked email address of the game into the Devsister redeem page. After that, the user needs to login back into the game so as to collect the rewards.

  1. Is there any minimum requirement for running the cookie Run Kingdom on the PC

The minimum requirement to run the Cookie Run Kingdom on the PC is to have a Windows operating system 7 or above, a RAM of 4 GB, and a hard disk of 5 GB, along with which the user needs to have an Intel or AMD Processor.

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