Dota 2 Cheats Codes [7.33 Update] – Unlock Freebies

Dota 2 Cheat Codes
Dota 2 Codes

Redeem Dota 2 Cheats Codes in the game to explore all the aspects of the game. All these Dota 2 Codes will allow the player to customise the player experience in the game. In this article, we explore all the codes for Dota 2 game and learn how to redeem Dota 2 Cheats in the game. These codes unlock free items and heroes in the game. The codes help the player to enjoy some unique experiences in the game.

Dota 2 is a very popular multiplayer online battle arena game. Dota is published and developed by the Valve Corporation. The game is a huge fan base and this game is played by millions of players globally. The game features are very much complex and the game needs strategies. The unique feature of the game is using the codes can help the user to customise the game experience.

These Dota 2 Cheats codes do not actually cheat codes. These are the codes which unlock freebies in the game. To learn about the codes and how to redeem Dota 2 Cheat Codes in the game. All the codes are available for a short period of time and unlock varieties of free rewards in the game. Don’t wait anymore redeem them in-game to enhance your gameplay.

What is Dota 2 Game?

DOTA 2 is a very multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Dota stands for the Defense of the Ancients and Dota 2 is published and developed by the Valve Corporation. Currently, there are millions of downloads happening and playing this game worldwide. There are two teams participating in the game to play the game. Both teams have 5 players in their team and play against the other team members and try to defeat them.

Every team member are having control of a hero character and some special ability, as well as strength in the game. One of the main objectives of the game is to destroy the ancient of the opponent’s team. This ancient is a huge structure which is located in their base area. Which team will break the first ancient of the opponent’s team will win the game. But protecting your ancient is also necessary while trying to break off your enemy’s ancient.

The game mechanics are so much complex and needs high strategical skills to go deep in the game. There is lot more to explore in the game. The player always competes in a team form to win these battle fights. Teamwork helps to engage in team fights and secure objectives at the same time for the team. There is an option to buy and upgrade your hero’s abilities and strength in the game by spending some game gold.

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List of All Dota 2 Codes & Commands

Dota 2 Codes

Here we listed all the latest Codes and these codes unlock free gold and many other useful items in the game for the player to enjoy. This is the best time to enjoy the latest free rewards and enjoy the Dota 2 Game but these codes are not available for a long time so redeem them in as hurry as possible in the game.

Latest Dota 2 Cheats Codes

refreshrefreshProvides the player with full health, and resets all abilities.
disablecreepspawndisablecreepspawnAllow and disallow creep spawning.
spawnneutralsspawn neutralsSpawns a neutral camp
dumpbotsdumpbotsAvail of the status of heroes and bots in the running game.
lvlup X lvlup 3 X levels.
gold [amount]gold 10000Players will get a number of gold to use in the shopping
spawncreepsspawncreepsSpawns new creeps
wtfwtfon or off abilities with zero cost
killwardskillwardsDestroys all wards.
spawnrunespawnruneRandomly two rune locations.
killcreepskillcreepsKills all creeps in the active map.
respawnrespawnRespawns to the player at the fountain immediately if killed.
startgamestartgameSets the countdown timer for the game and creeps spawning.
levelbots Xlvlbots 5Bots gain

All Dota 2 Hero’s Names

The mentioned hero’s name is used to make hero cheats in the game.

Axe npc-dota-hero-axe
Abaddon npc-dota-hero-abaddon
Chaos Knightnpc-dota-hero-chaos-knight
Dark Seernpc-dota-hero-dark-seer
Dragon Knightnpc-dota-hero-dragon-knight
Elder Titannpc-dota-hero-elder-titan
Keeper of the Lightnpc-dota-hero-keeper-of-the-light
Ogre Maginpc-dota-hero-ogre-magi
Queen of Painnpc-dota-hero-queenofpain
Shadow Demonnpc-dota-hero-shadow-demon
Skywrath Magenpc-dota-hero-skywrath-mage
Spirit Breakernpc-dota-hero-spirit-breaker
Phantom Lancernpc-dota-hero-phantom-lancer
Nyx Assassinnpc-dota-hero-nyx-assassin
Skeleton Kingnpc-dota-hero-skeleton-king
Obsidian Destroyernpc-dota-hero-obsidian-destroyer
Vengeful Spiritnpc-dota-hero-vengefulspirit
Storm Spiritnpc-dota-hero-storm-spirit

General Dota 2 Items List

Assault Cuirassitem assault
Boots of Travel item boots
Cheese item cheese
Energy Boosteritem-energy-booster
Hand of Midas item-hand-of-midas
Flying Courieritem-flying-courier
Helm of the Dominator item-helm-of-the-dominator
Crystals item-lesser-crit
Medallion of Courage item-medallion-of-courage
Oblivion Staff item-oblivion-staff
Phase Boots item-phase-boots
Helm of Iron Will item-helm-of-iron-will
Ring of Protection item-ring-of-protection
Sange and Yasha item-sange-and-yasha
Smoke of Deceit item-smoke-of-deceit
Poor Man’s Shield item-poor-mans-shield
Vitality Booster item-vitality-booster
Talisman of Evasion item-talisman-of-evasion
Ultimate Scepter item-ultimate-scepter
Wraith Banditem-wraith-band
Rod of Atos item-rod-of-atos
Veil of Discord item-veil-of-discord
Heaven’s Halberd item-heavens-halberd
Monkey King Bar item-monkey-king-bar
Null Talisman item-null-talisman
Blade of Alacrity item-blade-of-alacrity
Diffusal Blade item-diffusal-blade
Blades of Attack item-blades-of-attack
Belt of Strength item-belt-of-strength

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to activate Dota 2 Codes in the game?

Putting the Dota 2 Promo codes in the game is very easy. Just a click and then your code will be redeemed in the game. Follow the instruction and then put your codes in the game to avail your rewards to enjoy.

1 Step: Firstly launch the Dota 2 Game

2 Step: Go to the custom lobby of the game

3 Step: Create a new lobby to enter your codes

4 Step: Allow the cheat box option in the game lobby

5 Step: After that start your game and open the chat box

6 Step: Type your redeem codes in the chat window and press enter to activate that code in the game.

Q. Dota 2 Codes are allow or not in Competitive Play?

No in the competitive play the Dota 2 codes are not allowed. In the competitive play the usage of the codes can cause you troubles and penalties in the game. This may bring you disqualified from the game.

Q. Benefits of the codes In Dota 2 Game?

There are multiple benefits of the codes in the game. These codes are very much helpful to enhance the game. The codes earns the freebies in the game. The codes provide free rewards and various types of items in the game like free gold, coins, health and many more.


Dota 2 Cheats Codes are the best to enjoy this amazing game and do lots of fun. The dota 2 codes allow the player to do customise the gaming experience in the game. The codes allow the player to enjoy features of the game and do competitive play. For more codes visit our website to get codes latest redeem codes of many others games.

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