Minecraft Color Codes and Format Codes – [Style Your Chat & Commands]

minecraft color codes and format codes
minecraft color codes

Want to make your game chat more attractive and stylish then Minecraft Color Codes and Format Codes is the best option. These Formatting codes will allow changing the fonts of the text chat box or commands in the game. All these color codes in Minecraft are very much helpful for that player who want some colours in the game chat box and make the game more attractive and stylish.

Minecraft is released in 2011. from that day the Minecraft format codes are so helpful to all the players to make the game more colourful and stylish with the different kinds of fonts in the game. Minecraft color codes have the ability to customise the game chats and commands in various colours and fonts according to the player’s liking. It allows the player to personalize the text chat and commands in the game which gives another level of experience.

Creativity gives refreshment and more excitement while gaming. These colors and fonts look more attractive and colourful in the game. To know more about the Minecraft color codes and format codes. How to use formatting codes in the game. Read the whole article till the last line to get all the important information about the color codes.

What is Color Code Minecraft?

Minecraft Color Code are a set of unique special codes. All these codes are a combination of numbers, letters and some special characters that are used to modify the fonts and commands of the game. All these Minecraft Code Color allows changing the game fonts and colors in the game as well as the given commands also.

All the combination is different from the combination of the others and allows to use of different colours in the game. All colours are coded in some characters for example white is coded as 000WT and black is coded as 000BK etc. These are some examples of how the colours are represented as a code. So use these color codes for Minecraft and make it more interesting.

How does Minecraft Formatting Codes Work?

The Minecraft Code Color works which the text the player wants to modify then put that code at the beginning of the text and the codes. The character that is used to put at the beginning is the § sign. After the § sign the code or combination of special code is used to modify the text or command.

But one thing keeps in mind always for all players is that the Minecraft color codes are not working in all places and will not modify the colours and fonts in the game. These modifications can only be done in the chat box massage and commands and in books only. So use them as per the instruction of Minecraft codes.

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List of Minecraft Code Colors

minecraft color codes

Get a list of all the Minecraft formatting code which allows the players to do some upgradation in the message box and fonts in the game. All codes work at some particular formats and allow to do personalisation. Get ready to make your chat box more colourful and stylish.

Red §c\u00A7c
Dark Red (dark red) §4\u00A74
Black (black) §0\u00A70
White (white) §f\u00A7f
Blue (blue) §9\u00A79
Gold (gold) §6\u00A76
Aqua (Aqua) §b\u00A7b
Dark Green (dark green) §2\u00A72
Yellow (yellow) §e\u00A7e
Dark Gray (dark grey) §8\u00A78
Dark Blue (dark blue) §1\u00A71
Dark Aqua (dark aqua)§3\u00A73
Light Purple (light purple) §d\u00A7d
Dark Purple (dark purple) §5\u00A75
Grey (grey) §7\u00A77
Green (green) §a\u00A7a

All Minecraft Format Codes

These codes will help to change the fonts of the text message and commands that are entered into the game. All these codes unlock some interesting and stylish fonts. Which can be used to make the chat box more attractive.

Underline §n\u00A7n
Obfuscated §k\u00A7k
Italic §o\u00A7o
Bold §l\u00A7l
Reset §r\u00A7r
Strikethrough §m\u00A7m

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to use color code and format code in Minecraft?

Using the format codes and color codes is very simple. Just need to add the chat codes at the beginning of which text you want to modify. Put the chat code at the beginning of the text and modify that text or command. Choose the color code and format code at the beginning of the word. At a single time, the word colour and font both can be changed.

Putting the code but without the § sign will not work. So put § sign and code in the beginning and then write the text in which you want to change the color and fonts.

Q. These codes will work in all games?

These Minecraft color code will not be able to customise all the text in every game. These color codes are able to change the colour of texts and fonts style of the commands in Minecraft.


Minecraft is the best way to enhance the gaming experience and customise your experience. Change the formats and color of the chat box in the games. For more visit our website. We bring redeem codes for many other games like Hunter X Athena Codes | Free Clan Rerolls and many more. We really feel appreciated that you have given your valuable time to our article and read it from the start to the end. Please share your valuable feedback also in the comment box of the article.


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