Shining Nikki Codes – Active Redeem Code [August 2023]

Shining Nikki Codes
Shining Nikki Codes

Why waste your precious time searching Shining Nikki Codes across the web, when you can have them at your fingertips by clicking here. Need the latest Shining Nikki codes 2023, this article is your one stop destination. Here we have an updated list of Shining Nikki redeem codes for you, all you need to do is to copy these Shining Nikki code and redeem them before they expire.

Hurry up, and grab these gems, diamonds, Nikki plushie, stamina, concept card, Memory keys, Gold, and other exciting in game rewards waiting for you to be redeemed and travel back in Use these rewards and boost your gameplay.

In case you are facing difficulty in using these Shining Nikki redeem codes, or need information regarding the game, make sure to scroll through the bottom of the article.

What Are Shining Nikki Codes

These codes are a unique combination of several characters, alphabets, etc for a particular promotional coupon, gift certificate, or offer and are used to obtain a benefit.  All a user needs to do is to get these codes from the game’s official website and redeem them once redeemed these redeem codes allow the user access to some free and exciting in-game rewards.

Some of these codes are time bound are needed to be redeemed within a specific time while others can be redeemed whenever the users want them to. Another thing that must be kept in mind is that these codes are case sensitive and should be used as they are mentioned in the list or else they will not be redeemed.

How to Redeem Code In Shining Nikki

What is the point of wielding a sword when you don’t know how to use it efficiently? Don’t worry redeeming these Shining Nikki redeem codes is not as complex as the former process. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy your in game rewards by redeeming them:

  1. First of all, Open the game on your desired device
  2. Tap on the Avtaar placed in the top left corner
  3. Click on the setting
  4. Make click on the Redeem code option.
  5. Paste one of the redeem codes from our list inside the box.
  6. Tap on the ‘Claim’ button.

That’s it, you have successfully redeemed your rewards. But you need to understand one thing, these codes can only be redeemed after completing the tutorial.

All Active Shining Nikki Redeem Code

Shining Nikki Codes

Here’s a list of updated, latest, and 100% working Shining Nikki codes for April 2023:

nADkyeTHDfjc           (New)Concept Shard: SR x60, Concept Shard: SSR x10 (Redeem before 19th December, 2022)
nADmbDQx5xUK      (New)Pink Gems x100, Poetry of Time x10, Gold x12,600 (Redeem before 20th December, 2022)
nADja5p886yPkMemory Keys: SR x20, Memory Keys;R x50 ( Redeem before 18th December, 2022)
HBDLOEN                    (New)Pink Gems x30, Poetry of Time x110, Gold x10,000 ( Redeem before 21st December, 2022)
DAYDREAM                (New)Mad Hat, Fluffy Rabbit, Card of Clubs (Redeem before 18th December, 2022)
1YEARWITHUStamina x20, Gold x20,000, Fantasy Tickets x3, Poetry of Time x20

These are the only working codes right now at this moment. In case you think any code is missing in here feel free to share it with us in the comment box so that we can update it to the article. Make sure to bookmark our website and keep visiting our website frequently as we keep on updating latest codes as soon as they are officially released.

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About Shining Nikki Game

Shining Nikki developed by Paper Studio/SuZhou Nikki Co., Ltd,  is a prequel to Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen. It is a dress up game with some RPG elements to it and in the total fourth installment of the Nikki Up2U series.

The plot of the game revolves around Nikki who travels back in time to the year zero using ‘The Ark’ to stop Leonid a designer who is destined to bring wrath/doom to Maryland by the Ocean of Memories.

In total the game has four main types of stages namely:

  • Main Story
  • Challenge
  • Mind Maze
  • Time Corridor

Furthermore, the game has two permanent pavilions available in the game present in Gate of Heart. Both pavilions provide rewards with rarity ranging from R to UR.


This article has provided more than enough information in order to you to become familiar with the game, its plot, Shining Nikki Codes, and the process of redeeming them. Now launch the game using these codes and claim the free in game rewards waiting to be redeemed.

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Share your thoughts about our article and our website in the comment box below. We value your feedback.

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