Sonic Speed​​ Simulator Codes – Free Gems, Skins [Roblox August 2023]

Sonic Speed​​ Simulator Codes - Free Gems, Skins
Sonic Speed​​ Simulator Codes - Free Gems, Skins

Sonic Speed​​ Simulator Codes 2023| Sonic Speed​​ Simulator has been turned into a hedgehog reference game against all currents while having more than 20 thousand active players and more than 300 million visits. In this guide, we have compiled a list of active and running codes for the Sonic Speed ​​Simulator. Thanks to this list of codes you can get lots of free rewards and unlockables that will help you progress in the game.

If you are a regular player of Roblox Sonic Speed ​​Simulator and you usually search for game codes on the internet, be sure to read the full article. We will continue to update this guide with all published codes. All codes on this list are tested before publishing or updating this guide.

About Sonic Speed Simulator

Roblox Speed ​​Simulator has been created by US Simulators where you will run around the map trying to get faster. You can play it for free via Roblox. You have to make sure to collect gems on your way so that you can buy pets and trails that will help increase your speed.

Be the fastest player in the game by challenging others to races. You can use steps and gems from the Speed ​​Simulator code list to upgrade your character to become the fastest player.

If you want to play the game you will have to create a free Roblox account and find the game in the list of platforms, some games require a fee, but that is not the case in the case of Sonic Speed ​​Simulator. In this game, you need to be as fast as possible and master the element of speed.

You will race against other players, compete on global leaderboards, unlock rare trails, collect epic pets, explore multiple maps, and much more.

What Are Sonic Speed Simulator Codes?

Sonic Speed Simulator Codes are the redeem codes released by the game’s developer which can be redeemed for several freebies. In recent times they have added new characters, events, and more to the game and you and several users can be able to get it for free through the codes.

In central Sonic 2022, Sega has made the announcement of many codes since June 2022 that you can redeem in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator. It has involved new updates where creatures go in a Sonic Adventure themed to the case of Amy Rose.

On the other hand, these codes can be exchanged all at once and are very easy to do, please note that the following codes can only be used for a limited time, although for now, they are still active.

Although to redeem codes in Sonic Speed ​​​​Simulator, it is enough to enter the game store at the respective symbol, At the top of the screen, you will select the option “Redeem Code”.

How To Redeem Sonic Speed Simulator Codes?

Follow these steps to redeem the Sonic Speed Simulator Codes:-

  • Start the Sonic Speed Simulator game on Roblox. 
  • Log in to your account.
  • You should know that at the bottom of the screen, you will see a button on the shop. 
  • You have to press it and you have to open a dropdown list, where you have to click on the option “Redeem Codes”.
  • Then, you have to copy one of the codes from the list and paste it there (or enter the code you want to redeem in the text field).
  •  Now, click on Redeem so that free gifts can be redeemed.

List Of Sonic Speed Simulator Codes

Sonic Speed​​ Simulator Codes
  • free code – Redeem this code for 25 Gems & 50 Steps
  • 1morefanpt1 – Redeem this code to get a free gift
  • 1morefanpt2 – Redeem this code to get a free gift
  • forthefans – Redeem this code to get free gifts
  • Hooray50k – Redeem this code to get a free gift
  • thankyouchao – Redeem this code to get a free gift
  • thumbsup – Redeem this code for a free gift
  • 40kThankYou – Redeem this code to get a free gift
  • soniccentral – Redeem this code for a free gift
  • thumbsup – Redeem this code for a free gift
  • Amazing35 – Redeem this code to get a free gift
  • 25k – Redeem this code for 30 minutes magnet
  • RIDERS – Redeem this code for Sonic Riders skins
  • awesome35 – Redeem this code for Free Upgrade
  • 25k – Redeem this code for free push
  • Rider – Redeem this code for Sonic Riders skin with green goggles unlocked
  • Soniccentral – Redeem this code for Chaos from Exotic Amy
  • topnotch – Redeem this code for Bloxian’s special mayhem

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Here ends the list of the Sonic Speed ​​Simulator codes from the Pro Game Guide coming into play. The codes in the list above can be exchanged for a number of items, such as gifts, gems, skins, etc, and if your luck is exceptional, you can even get more rewards.


  1. How to get more Sonic Speed ​​Simulator codes?

The best way to get Sonic Speed ​​Simulator codes is to visit this page often as we try to keep it updated as new codes come out. If you still want to try your own luck, you can do it in the following way:

  • Follow the game’s Twitter Account for new codes and new information about the game.
  • Join a Discord group.
  1. Why some codes are not working?

These Sonic Speed ​​Simulator codes are usually provided by the game developers themselves. The problem is that nobody knows how long they will last or if they have some sort of limit. Also, make sure you have written it correctly, paying attention to capitalization or punctuation. Sometimes codes require you to meet certain requirements or progress through the game for them to work. If the code still doesn’t work, it is very likely that it is out of date.

  1. What is the new update in Sonic Speed Simulator?

Sonic Speed Simulator has released a New Zone update. In this patch, you will find various changes and bug fixes that have been added to the experience. It can help resolve any issues you may be having and lets you discover new things to do in the game.

  1. How to use code in Speed ​​Simulator?

All you have to do is head into Speed ​​Simulator and look for the Twitter button on the side of the screen. Click on it and it will open a code redemption window. Copy one of the codes from our list, paste it into the box, and press redeem to receive your prize

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