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Space Ranger Cheat Codes
Space Ranger Codes

Looking for Space Rangers cheat / codes to enjoy your Space Rangers HD: a War Apart Cheat game without any restrictions? This article has everything you have been searching for. This article will provide a list of Codes for Space Rangers, cheats, Easter eggs and other tips and tricks that you can utilize to boost your gameplay. Just go through the article and collect all the cheats and codes as per your interest.

With these codes for Space Rangers you can attain invincibility also these Space Rangers HD mods allow you to enter a literal god mode with unlimited strength and healing. Furthermore you can also use these Space Rangers 2 cheats to get access to unlimited ammos, fuels unbreakable equipment’s, all the medals etc.

This article will also provide some tips and tricks related to gameplay as well as basic information related to the Space Rangers game, codes for Space Rangers, cheats and mods and steps to redeem and activate the same.

What are Space Rangers Cheats?

Who does not enjoy being overpowered? Why face defeat in the game when you can be invincible just by using some simple codes or cheats. Space Rangers cheats are your shortcut to attain in game greatness and defeat your opponents like they never were a threat.

The cheats when enabled awards the player with several free in game rewards as well as free in game purchases. These cheats eliminate the difficulty from the game irrespective of the level, and even a player with zero ability can beat any opponent irrespective of te opponent’s stature and  abilities.

In short if the player knows how to activate the cheat codes, he / she can easily defeat the enemies without breaking a sweat. Thus, these codes make the gameplay easier than ever and even a noob can flex as a pro player if he / she has proper access to these codes.

How to  redeem the codes / How to activate the Cheats?

Codes can be redeemed simply by following these below listed steps:

1 Step : Launch the game Space Shooters

2 Step: Tap on the Menu option placed on the screen’s top right corner

3 Step: Tap on the Gift Code button

4 Step: Enter any of the given codes from the list below

5 Step: Tap on the Ok button

Claim your rewards!!

For Cheats make sure you are holding CTRL+SHIFT on your keyboard while entering the codes in order to attain corresponding result.

NOTE: While redeeming these codes make sure you enter the codes / cheats exactly as they are mentioned/ listed here as them being case sensitive, will not be redeemed in case of any typing mistakes.

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Codes List 2023:

Space Ranger Cheats
AMMOUnlimited ammos , fuels as well as well as fully recharged weapons in hyperspace with no need to be recharged further anymore.
GUNProduces a replica of every weapon present in your inventory.
PROGRAM100 replicas / copies of All Programs
SKILLActivate this cheat to max out all the skills
MODULEAll the modules will Spawn
VERTIXFive Vertexes will be spawned
IDEALProvides ideal hull type to the player’s ship
TECHNICProvides weapons that are unbreakable
NIGHTMARENightmarish dominator turned on
SHOWMAPEntire map will be displayed
STIMULANTAll the stimulant will be received for one year duration
ILLNESSWill make the player sick

Currently working redeem codes

All these codes are working and unlocks free rewards and benefits in the game:


These are all the actively working codes and cheats available for the game. In case you want more make sure you bookmark our website as we keep on updating them from time to time as soon as any new codes is released officially or any cheats discovered by our team or any cheat that comes to our knowledge.

If you have found a code that is not present in the list or you discovered any cheat that you will like to add here in this article, please share the same with us in the comment box placed at the bottom of our page.

About the Game:

Available on both iOS as well as Android platform, Space Shooter is an arcade game which is published as well as developed by ONESOFT GLOBAL. TO download the game you can use Google Play store on Android devices or App Store for iOS devices.

The premise of the game revolves around an Alien invasion lethal enough to destroy the entire humanity. Just like Galactical and Galaxian this game allows you to take guard against the dangerous aliens using your spacecraft and defend the Earth before it’s too late. The game has everything you expect from an arcade game including levels in excess of 200, numerous fighter spaceships, dangerous Alien Bosses, as well as a player vs player mode.


That is more than enough information regarding the game. Hope you will find these tricks and tips helpful. If yes, then do share your experience with us in the comment box below, also if you faced any inconvenience accessing our website or scrolling through the article please share it with us.

We are genuinely concerned regarding and thoroughly dedicated to provide you seamless experience. Your valuable feedback is of very importance to us. Need more articles related to trending games? Do check our previous articles like Gun blood Cheat codes, Last Pirates codes, animal redemption codes, etc. Think you are a gaming freak, just check our website as we have a lot more to offer!!!


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