Toontown Rewritten Codes [August 2023] – 100% Active Codes

Toontown rewritten codes
Toontown codes

Looking for Toontown codes that still work? Well, you happened to be at the right place.  Here is your updated and 100% working Toontown rewritten special codes list. Pick the Toontown rewritten codes from the list as per your requirement, launch the game, redeem the ttr codes and claim your free gifts.

This article contains both permanent as well as limited-time period Toontown rewritten codes. Moreover, some restricted Toontown codes are also included in a separate list ( i.e., codes that are restricted only to the players who have created their accounts prior to the given date and time).

Hurry up!! All you have to do is to redeem these codes without wasting any time and earn some free in-game rewards exclusively waiting for you to be redeemed. These free in-game rewards include treasure trove, and Jelly Beans as well as some exclusive rewards from the in-game clothing section like sunburst shirts, Silly meter shirts, Creepy Shirt, Anniversary Cake Shirt, Gadzooks Shirt etc and many others.

What are Toontown Rewritten codes?

Toontown rewritten codes or simply ttr codes are your simplest and shortcut way to gain access to the in-game utilities that too for free. These codes are framed in a way that each code is different from the others and offers a unique reward to the player once redeemed successfully. Unlike cheat codes these codes simply provide the player with some free rewards and don’t ease the gameplay, thus using these codes is completely ethical and generally, every player uses them to boost the inventory.

The ttr codes are released by the Toontown Rewritten developers directly on the game’s official website as well as other social media platforms like Twitter, discord etc. These codes are generally released prior to any big event or important update in order to attract players towards that particular event/tournament/ update.

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How to redeem these ttr codes?

If you are familiar with the procedure you can skip this segment and jump into the next segment where the codes are enlisted. For those who are not aware of the process or are new to the game, don’t worry this section is especially for the players like you. Just follow these below listed simple steps and you will be able to redeem these codes with relative ease:

  • Launch the game “Toontown Rewritten”.
  • From the Tutorials,  get the “Sticker Book”
  • Look into the bottom left-hand corner in the “sticker Book”
  • Keep clicking on the Red coloured Arrow until you reach the last page.
  • The “Options and Code” page will appear.
  • Enter the code in the given text area
  • Hit the Submit button

That’s it. You have successfully entered the code.  If the code you entered is correct and active, you will get a pop-up message saying – “Congratulations!! Check the mailbox to claim your rewards”

Toontown Rewritten Codes July 2023 list:

ttr codes

Here is the list of the active and latest ttr codes (till June 2023)

two-million     (Permanent Codes)Treasure Trove
patience-paysRestricted to the players who created their ttr account prior to Sept 19, 2014
beta-bughuntRestricted to the players who created their ttr account prior to Sept 19, 2014, and  have used/activated a Beta Key
flip-for-floppyRestricted to the players who created their ttr account prior to 2 June 2014
dont-be-wackyRestricted to the players who created their ttr account prior to 2 June 2014
toonfest2014Restricted to the players who created their ttr account prior to the ending of Toonfest 2014

These are all the actively working Toontown rewritten codes 2023, in case you think we missed on something, do share it with us in the comment box below and we will add it to the list.

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Only in the below-listed scenarios, a player faces such a problem.  So before redeeming these ttr codes 2023 you should keep a note of the below-given information.

The code you entered may be not correct. You have probably made a typing error while entering the codes in the “Option and codes” box. Next time you enter these codes keep in mind that the Toontown codes are case-sensitive. Make sure you are entering them exactly as they are written here.

Another reason why your ttr code is not working is maybe due to the fact that they are already past its expiry date or are restricted to a specific pool of players. Restricted codes belong to the pool of players who have made their account before or after a certain year).

How to get more TTR codes?

Simply bookmark our website and pay frequent visits to our website. You will feel no need to wander across different websites to access the Toontown codes.


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